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Wallcoverings with a story to tell

The status, beauty and exclusivity of a high-end product, while still essential, are no longer always enough. What marks out one product from the next is the story behind it. As a result, luxury brands are focusing on storytelling as a powerful way of connecting with their customers. In this blog post we’re focusing on brands and wallcoverings with compelling stories that have captured our imagination.

La Dolce Vita: Wallcoverings Inspired by Italy

With all industry eyes focused on Milan this week for Salone del Mobile, we're turning our attention to wallcoverings inspired by all things Italian. With its beautiful landscapes, majestic architecture, fascinating cultural history and reputation for creating fabulous fashion and design, Italy is a rich source of inspiration.

London Design Week 2017: Inspiring Wallcoverings

Are you on the lookout for design inspiration? Do you need to stay on top of the latest interiors trends? With 120 showrooms, Design Centre, Chelsea Harbour is the place for you. We were there during London Design Week 2017 – here we share new launches from some of our favourite wallcovering brands.

Spring Greens: Wallcoverings Inspired by Pantone’s Greenery

Inspired by Greenery, Pantone's Colour of the Year, we're taking a look at some spring-fresh wallcoverings that exude a positive, energetic and cheerful vibe. Whether you prefer soft mints and sages, vibrant emerald and grassy hues or dramatic darks, green is definitely enjoying its moment in the limelight.

Playful Luxury

As more and more people take an individualistic, bespoke approach to interior design, luxury wallcoverings have embraced an ‘anything goes’ attitude. Whether you’re looking for fun and frivolous, bold and beautiful or witty and whimsical, you can be sure that the perfect ‘playful luxury’ design is out there for you.

Chalet-Chic Wallcoverings

With the ski season in full swing, we’re taking a look at ‘chalet-chic’ style. We can’t bring you mountain views (not real ones, anyway), but there are elements of this look that can be replicated in any home to create a warm, comforting ambience. So hunker down in front of the fire and get ready to be inspired!

Chinese New Year: Wallpaper Inspiration

Oriental design, motifs and colour palettes have long been popular in interiors, their emphasis on harmony and balance bringing a sense of serenity and wellbeing to a space. With a nod to Chinese New Year, which falls on 28 January this year, we’re exploring Chinese-inspired wallcoverings in this post.

New Year, New Walls

New year is symbolic of new beginnings, as we say goodbye to the year that has passed and welcome in the next. If, for you, the New Year means a new interior design scheme, you've come to the right place for inspiration! A change of wallcovering can have a transformative effect, breathing new life into a space and helping to give you a new perspective, too.

As white as snow: White wallcoverings

If you’re dreaming of a white Christmas, you’ll enjoy our final theme of the year! White is in fact a surprisingly versatile colour, combining beautifully with almost anything, making other colours sing, providing a wonderful backdrop for art and bringing out the best in natural materials.

All that glitters: sparkling wallpapers with a celebratory feel

At Christmas time a healthy dose of sparkle is a must, and at Wells Interiors that includes wallcoverings. Glittery designs will bring glamour to your interior no matter what the season, but at this time of year they add irresistible festive flair. Whether you're looking to add subtle shimmer or full-on razzle-dazzle, we've got the design for you.

Winter trend: Cosmic Wallcoverings

Perhaps fuelled by a desire to escape the harsh realities and uncertainties of this world, the public's fascination in space exploration has been reignited in recent years. We've seen this interest filter down into fashion and interiors – here's our take on the cosmic trend.

Add warmth with wood on walls

From classic panelling to Scandi-style whitewashed boards, the wood-on-walls trend is bringing warmth and textural beauty to traditional and contemporary interiors alike.

The dark side of wallcoverings

Think a dark wallcovering will result in a gloomy, oppressive space? Think again! When used cleverly, shadowy hues can be surprisingly elegant and can work with almost any style, making them a versatile choice. Here are some of our favourite designs.

The Art of Wallcoverings

We're loving the current trend for ‘painterly’ wallcoverings – it’s fun to think of your walls as a canvas. Colours are vibrant, patterns are fluid and whether you’re a fan of Raphael or Renoir, Picasso or Pollock, there’s a design out there for you!

New launches at FOCUS

FOCUS at Design Centre, Chelsea Harbour saw the launch of new collections by many of our favourite wallcovering houses including Altfield London, Arte, Cole & Son and Iksel. Here are some of the beautiful designs that caught our eye.

London Design Festival, Decorex, FOCUS/16 – our preview

September in London is always a busy time for the design world and the highlight of our calendar, with several important events taking place and all the major brands launching new ranges. We’re making space in the diary for some of the seminars, talks and presentations being hosted by key industry players and design experts. Here are a few events that have caught our eye.

East Meets West

The West’s enduring fascination with ‘Orientalism’ began with the popularity of chinoiserie in Europe in the 17th and 18th centuries and developed during the 19th century. Originally seen only in grand townhouses and traditional stately homes, oriental designs are far more accessible today and are being reinterpreted to suit contemporary properties.

A Minimalist Approach to Wallcoverings

As we become increasingly aware of the negative impact of stress on our daily lives, more of us are seeking to create places of refuge at home, away from the glare of screens and the visual overstimulation of the modern world. The minimalism trend reflects this.

Wallpapers for Heritage Homes

There are many designs on the market that are based on original papers from the 17th right through to the early 20th century. Whatever the era of your home, you can find something that reflects its heritage and creates an authentic feel. in this blog post we explore just a few of the options.

Celebrating the Best of British Brands

With Brexit now a reality we can expect some turbulent waters ahead, so it’s more important than ever to support and celebrate our home-grown talent. With this in mind, we thought we’d compile a little tribute to some of the pioneering wallcovering companies that Britain can be proud of.

Luxury Wallcoverings 101: from inspiration to installation

On Tuesday, Wells Interiors jointly hosted an event called ‘Luxury Wallcoverings 101’, together with wallpaper and textile company Weitzner Ltd and the wonderful team from Altfield. We report back on a successful evening.

An interview with Lori Weitzner of Weitzner Ltd

Lori Weitzner is Creative Director of Weitzner Ltd, known for its innovative textiles and wallcoverings. We spoke to her about her inspiration, passions and plans for the future.

Digitally printed wallcoverings

In wallpaper’s long history, digital printing is one of the most recent and most exciting chapters. In this blog post we look at some of the advantages for both manufacturers and consumers, and showcase designs by some of the wallcovering companies that are embracing digital technology.

Roomscapes – wallpapers that tell a story

The vivid detail and rich narrative of panoramic papers make them a truly spectacular choice for a home. We take a look at their history, from the meticulously crafted papiers peints of the 18th and 19th centuries to the more contemporary designs on the market today.

Seafaring style

We’ve been browsing the collections of some of our favourite companies and have come across some beautiful wallcoverings that have a seafaring feel about them – perfect for a seaside residence or nautically inspired home.

Maximalist interiors

Maximalist interiors combine bold hues, vibrant pattern and a mix of textures to create a playful, confident look that has bags of personality. The ‘more is more’ mantra of maximalism results in gutsy interiors that are flamboyant, sumptuous and bursting with colour. We take a look at some wallcoverings that fit the bill.

Contemporary florals – a key trend for 2016

One of the key interiors trends for 2016 is florals – and it’s definitely not for shrinking violets. It’s time to think big: we’re talking bold botanicals, jungle prints and retro-style blooms in clashing colours. In this blog post we take a look at some of our favourite horticulture-inspired wallcoverings.

Luxury wallcoverings for exquisite bedrooms

Our bedroom is our personal sanctuary – a unique space where we can let our imaginations run riot and indulge in our dreams, desires and aspirations. Whether you want a tranquil scheme that makes you feel rested, or a bold style that energises and revives, here are some inspiring wallcovering ideas to create a look that's perfect for you.

A to Z of wallcoverings

Our quest to create the ultimate list of the world's finest luxury wallcoverings begins here. Take a look at our selection of the brands we love and trust – and let us know what others you would add.

A very Wells Christmas

Wells Interiors director Natalie Wells reveals her top pick of things to do in London during the Christmas holidays.

Add warmth with textural wallcoverings

At this time of year we spend more and more time indoors, with the fireplace (preferably complete with blazing fire) often being the focal point of any gathering. In this blog post we’re taking a look at textured wallcoverings in natural materials – and we’ve paired our choices with beautiful fire surrounds.

Choosing wallcoverings for the hospitality sector

The stylish, individual decor of bars, restaurants and hotels adds huge value to overall customer experience, helping to shape and define the venue’s identity. But in high-traffic public places like these, it’s all about finding a balance between aesthetics and practicality – and luckily, there are some beautiful wallcoverings that are specifically intended for commercial use. In this blog post we explore some of the options, using Percy's Den (Percy & Founders' private dining room) as a case study.

Bring your dining room to life with bold colour and pattern

Whether it’s a relaxed family gathering or a sophisticated dinner party, gathering around a table to enjoy good food will always be a lively affair – and we think your dining room décor should contribute to this celebratory environment. Here we share some of our favourite designs in a range of colour palettes – there’s one to suit every personality.

The making of chinoiserie

Chinoiserie has been enjoying a glorious revival, thanks to luxury wallcovering specialists Fromental and de Gournay. In this blog post we look behind the scenes at how these stunning designs are made.

Decorating children’s bedrooms with exquisite wallcoverings

In this blog post we share some of our favourite child-friendly wallcoverings, from the fun and funky to the cool and cultivated. We all know that our little darlings can have fickle tastes, but we’re sure there’s something here for all ages!

Did you spot these themes at Decorex and Focus?

As expected, Decorex and Focus 2015 saw the launch of many new designs from our well-loved wallcovering houses including Phillip Jeffries, Cole & Son, Elitis, Thibaut, Holland & Sherry, Lewis & Wood, Stereo and Vescom.

However the creativity didn’t end there. We spotted 3 exciting industry trends: adventurous brand innovations, new heights of showroom excellence and a continuation of the digital revolution.

We chat to Mick Wells, founder of Wells Interiors

Mick Wells, founder of Wells Interiors, talks to us about how he became a specialist paper hanger, the challenges and rewards it offers, and his plans for the future.

Create vibrant interiors with shimmering metallics

The enduring popularity of metallic wallpaper is due in part to its wonderful versatility, with designs ranging from the very traditional to the super-contemporary. There really are styles available to suit every taste and every room of the home – we explore a few of our favourites in this blog post.

The fine art of wallcovering installation

There's much more to installing delicate, high-end wallcoverings than meets the eye. We profile our specialist partners, Wells Interiors, who are experts at this highly technical work, and explain just why their skills are so important in getting the right look and finish for your walls.

How to create contemporary interiors with geometric wallcoverings

Graphic geometric prints are a chic way to bring pattern to walls, and can work in any room. Here, we take a look at how to choose the right wallcovering for your space, and reveal how you can use it to change the whole mood of a room.

Create a home escape with travel-inspired interiors

Are you consumed by wanderlust? The longstanding trend for interiors inspired by far-flung places will appeal to you. In this blog post, Isla & Eden director Natalie Wells talks about some of the wallcoverings that fire up her imagination, bring back happy memories and transport her to more exotic climes.

How to choose fine wallcoverings for kitchens and bathrooms

Ever considered using a wallpaper in your kitchen or bathroom? It's not the most obvious choice, but good-quality papers are more robust than you might think. Here, we show you some beautiful examples.

The Nobilis Spirit: Art-inspired wallcoverings with Parisian flair

Nobilis aims to epitomise 'the elegance and good taste of French culture, while still remaining open to international influences’. This neatly sums up exactly what we love about this leading brand – its wallpapers and wallcoverings are many and varied, but always stylish, sophisticated and of the highest quality.

Textures to flatter your home with Phillip Jeffries wallcoverings

Luxurious products that come from nature – what could be better? Having been founded in 1976, American company Phillip Jeffries specialises in fine quality textured wallcoverings, and we are proud to be able to offer their unique designs to UK homes.

Exploring chinoiserie – de Gournay’s fairytale wallcoverings

One of the brands championed by Isla & Eden, high-end wallpaper house de Gournay, specialises in exquisite hand-painted wallcoverings. Their faithful reproductions of historic prints are each created by skilled artisans using traditional techniques

Meet Natalie Wells, the Director of Isla & Eden

Meet our director, Natalie Wells. A passionate traveller and kundalini yoga instructor, Natalie injects the concept of mindful living into every area of her life, recently into the creation of Isla & Eden...

Fromental: The Creative Duo Behind the Brand

Textile designers Tim Butcher and Lizzie Deshayes joined forces in 2005 to establish one of Isla & Eden’s favourite brands, Fromental. We talked to them about the influences that drive their designs…

Redefining chic with Pierre Frey and Élitis

Élitis and Pierre Frey are re-defining chic with their vibrant new wallcovering collections. Here, we explore some of their most innovative designs...

Invite Mother Nature Into Your Home

Just as with nature, our environment reflects who we are. What we choose to cover our walls, furniture and lighting with narrates our taste, mood and focus.

Woven Gold

Throughout history, gold has been a symbol of prosperity and prestige, so it is unsurprising that gold tones used in interior decoration inject an unmatched air of abundance and elegance.

Masculine Elegance

A masculine touch of elegance demands a well-chosen wallcovering to set the scene; adding personality, intrigue and depth, while avoiding clutter and complexity.