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About Us

Isla & Eden is designed to help you discover and source spectacular wallpapers and wallcoverings that will enrich your design schemes.

It's the only independent source of inspiration specifically regarding high-end wallcoverings.

Brought to you by Natalie Wells and her team at Wells Interiors Ltd, specialist wallpaper installers, Isla & Eden celebrates the wallcoverings many interior designers love to work with, yet relatively few people know about. With background expertise in installation, the knowledge shared via the Isla & Eden blog spans the practical as well as the beautiful, helping to ensure dream interiors are bought to life with the fine finish they require.

Our Philosophy

Isla is a free spirit with a love for adventure and excitement. Effortlessly graceful she dances through life with an innate understanding of who she is

Isla and Eden themselves are characters that embody the spirit of our team at Wells Interiors. Their architypes gave rise to our three-part guiding philosophy:


Rather than reflect a passing trend, wallcoverings should reflect an individual or family's personality and style, and help create the atmosphere they desire for their home for years to come.

Contemporary timelessness

The world of wallcoverings is forever evolving, yet also has a wonderful heritage. We stay abreast of industry news so we can highlight the latest innovations in design and new brands as they emerge, as well as pay homage to the classics from wallpaper house archives. 

Eden is strong-minded, passionate and lives through his senses. A natural tastemaker, he enjoys the bounties of nature and appreciates the endeavours of the artist. His home is a sanctuary full of beauty and objects of wonder

Mindful luxury

We look to celebrate the individuality and passion of the wallpaper houses our recommendations emanate from; helping people discover the quality of materials and craftsmanship, as well as the emotion and conscience that inform the designs they fall in love with.



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